Salted Caramel Tea Blend

A salted caramel tea blend that you can make yourself at home? It’s possible, and delicious.   Making my own tea blends has become a hobby of mine. I drink a lot of tea, and good quality dried tea is expensive. After reading the ingredients on my favorite tea blends, I realized that a lot [...]

Sheet Pan Mac and Cheese

Sheet pan mac n cheese means an almost equal ratio of crispy crunchy topping to tender pasta. Is there anything better? I am not a pasta person, but I do love mac n cheese, and have tried it dozens of ways. Baked, creamy, skipping the pre-boil. It’s almost always good, but my favorite part of [...]


Fudgy Croissant Brownies

  Flakey, rich, and chocolatey. Who wouldn’t want a croissant brownie?   A favorite bakery of mine makes different dessert mashups that are always creative and delicious. Because why wouldn’t a doughnut that is also a cookie be amazing? One recent addition to her line came from a way to use up some leftover croissants. [...]

One Pot Herbed Garlic Feta Gnocchi

Pasta is not a favorite dish of mine, but I do love gnocchi, especially this one pot gnocchi. There’s something about tender, pillowy bites of potato coated in velvety tomato sauce that are comforting on a cold winter night. I’ve made it a lot of ways, but this way might be my favorite — topped [...]

Roasted Tomato Tortilla Soup

I’m a fan of soups, and my favorite is tortilla. This roasted tomato tortilla soup is a different version of the usual broth based version with black beans and corn, and is easy and delicious. It’s also a great way to use up tomatoes that aren’t quite the best — you know, anything from a [...]

Coconut and Carrot Cake Energy Bites

I work best in the early morning, and by the afternoon, I’m usually ready for a nap. When a nap is not in order, a healthy and energizing snack will usually do the trick. Like these easy to make carrot cake energy bites. I have lots of different snack foods available for this purpose, some [...]

Winter Kale Salad with Apples and Cheddar

I love a good winter kale salad, but a good one is hard to come by sometimes. Kale has been trendy for a while now, so you see it everywhere these days, but a lot of restaurants put it on their menu because it’s trendy, and don’t always understand what makes it good. It’s not [...]

Blood Orange Lavender Herbal Tea

Blood Orange Lavender Herbal Tea

  I am a coffee lover through and through.  I start my day with a good cup of my favorite extra-strong coffee with lots of cream. I drink it throughout the day, but more than one and I have trouble sleeping.     I like to have a mug of something hot with me when [...]

Gluten-Free Hazelnut Chocolat Chip Cookies

Gluten-Free Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t seek out gluten-free cookies, but I do seek out easy and healthy cookie recipes, which is what this recipe is. Not only is it among the easiest recipes, it’s also seriously good. If you’re looking for the perfect Paleo cookie recipe, this is it. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would like [...]