There are recipes everywhere these days; with a simple Google search you can find thousands of recipes for whatever it is you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. If you’re just looking for a dinner recipe, it’s easy to find something from a blog, cooking magazine or food site, but what if you’re trying to create a cookbook that you’d like to sell? You can’t copy and paste recipes from other sites, and while you can try to change them to make them your own, not only is that a lot of work, but how do you know the end result will work?

Enter Tiny Red Kitchen, recipe writing extraordinaire and specialist. I can write as many recipes as you’d like, in whatever format you’d like. Need a cookbook that is related to a particular diet with nutrition info? I can do it. Looking for healthy recipes that are not the same boring things you continuously find online? I can do that too.

Recipe services include:

  •  Creating original, creative recipes to your desired specifications. Need nutritional info? Recipe costing? Tips and tricks? All of these can be added to your recipes.
  • Recipe editing. Have family cookbook that needs some work or just a collection of recipes that need tweaked? Send it my way.
  •  Recipe photography. It goes without saying that photos can help someone decide whether they are going to try a recipe (or buy your cookbook!), but unappetizing shots will definitely steer people away. I can assure you beautiful shots of your dish that is sure to make readers want more.

Contact me to schedule your recipe project today!