About Me

meMessy. Clumsy. A little obsessed. These are things some people use to
describe me, mostly my husband. I tend to disagree, but then I’m reminded of the time I almost lit my kitchen on fire making peppermint hot chocolate (I had no idea peppermint extract was 95% alcohol!) or the time I splattered waffle batter all over the ceiling during a blender mishap.

Okay, maybe I’m a little bit messy, but that’s all I’m going to agree to.
When I’m not catching the kitchen on fire (I’m also a certified volunteer firefighter, by the way, but you do not want me to come put out your fire, obviously), I’m writing or taking photographs (or I’m at the grocery store; it seems like I go to the grocery store 20 times a week.) Whether it’s blog posts for this site, recipes, cookbooks, or a story or two, if you’re ever looking for me, you’ll find me either in the kitchen or in front of the computer or behind the camera.

This blog is a collection of recipes, food photography and thoughts. Its goal is to inspire, delight, and hopefully, surprise you.