“Amy helped us write over 200 recipes, the work she has done was very professional, treating each recipe with much care she was able to create unique story relating it back to our practice. I was specially impressed with her flexibility both to handle the changes coming from us and the verity of voices we were looking to capture. I definitely look forward collaborating with her in the future!!!”

I love cookbooks, whether online or in printed form. I’m extremely picky about what I think makes a good cookbook, and believe that not all are created equal.

In my eyes, a good cookbook has all of the following qualities:

  • Has a theme and sticks to it well
  • Has lots of beautiful photographs inside and out; they don’t have to all be of food
  • Has a story to tell; what is so special about this cookbook over thousands of others?
  • Is designed well and pleasing to the eye; it’s easy to read and find what you are looking for without frustration
  • Has recipes that are delicious, whether they are easy or complicated, as long as they stick to the theme

It’s easier than ever before to create a cookbook these days, and many people do it. To create a beautiful cookbook that works within these guidelines is difficult to do, but the end result is worth it.

I can create cookbooks of this caliber for you, no matter what your theme. I can create a beautiful cookbook that highlights the delicious food at your restaurant or create recipes and photographs from scratch. Have family recipes that you would like to make into a gorgeous book for Christmas gifts? I can do that too. You can use your own recipes and photographs, I can create them for you or you can use a combination.

No project is too big or too small. Contact me with the details regarding your project or any questions you have about my process.