Chai Tea Concentrate

I drink one cup of coffee in the morning. It’s the same — strong coffee with lots of cream. Occasionally, I will have a second cup, but that’s rare. Usually I drink tea. I like all kinds of tea, but I have like a good chai. You can get tea bags, of course, but a [...]

Ginger Turmeric Tea

Ginger tumeric tea, or what I like to call “sick tea” is a staple in my house in the winter. I call it that because it’s the perfect remedy when you’re sick. Fresh ginger and turmeric are steeped with some spices, honey, and lemon, with a dash of apple cider vinegar at the end to [...]

Salted Caramel Tea Blend

A salted caramel tea blend that you can make yourself at home? It’s possible, and delicious.   Making my own tea blends has become a hobby of mine. I drink a lot of tea, and good quality dried tea is expensive. After reading the ingredients on my favorite tea blends, I realized that a lot [...]

Blood Orange Lavender Herbal Tea

Blood Orange Lavender Herbal Tea

  I am a coffee lover through and through.  I start my day with a good cup of my favorite extra-strong coffee with lots of cream. I drink it throughout the day, but more than one and I have trouble sleeping.     I like to have a mug of something hot with me when [...]