Oatmeal Cookie Infused Bourbon

Infused bourbon? Is that a thing? Yes, my friend. Yes, it is. And it’s one of the best things. I’ve attempted a lot of projects this past year that I may not have had things been, ahem…different.  One of those is ramping up my cocktail game. Since going out to get cocktails has not been [...]

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Martini

I’ve taken up a few new hobbies in the past year, and one my favorites has been infusing vodka and other liquors. I’ve done all sorts of fun things, from oatmeal cookie infused bourbon, blueberry lavender infused tequila, and last week – candy cane vodka. This was definitely the easiest one, as it didn’t require [...]

Orange Russian

It’s been a long few months over here, as I’m sure it’s been for everyone everywhere. I’ve learned a lot of things after having to stay home for months on end, but one of those is that drinking a home is significantly cheaper than going out. I mean, yeah, everyone knows that, but going out [...]

Chocolate Chai Cold Brew

I love my morning coffee for a number of reasons. Yes, I do like coffee. But I also like the ritual. I get up, stumble into the kitchen, and the first thing I do is make coffee. I grind my beans and steam my milk before relaxing for a few minutes to enjoy a hot [...]

French Martini with a Twist

As you can imagine, going out has not been so fun these days, if you’re even able to do so wherever you are. So drinking at home has become much more of a thing than it ever used to be, and because of that, I’ve amassed quite the home bar, and learned to make fun [...]

Almond Cacao Nib Smoothie

I love the ease of smoothie. Throw a bunch of healthy stuff in a blender with some ice or frozen fruit, and 9 times out of 10, you have something filling and tasty. It’s a practical way to get a bunch of nutrients that you’re just not going to eat first thing in the morning. [...]

Earl Grey Lavender Latte

I drink a cup of coffee every morning. Just one, but I could never give it up. Throughout the rest of the day, I drink tea, usually just boring herbal tea. Occasionally, though, I’ll make something fancy, like this earl grey lavender latte. I don’t use tea bags very often and haven’t since I’ve discovered [...]

Chai Tea Concentrate

I drink one cup of coffee in the morning. It’s the same — strong coffee with lots of cream. Occasionally, I will have a second cup, but that’s rare. Usually I drink tea. I like all kinds of tea, but I have like a good chai. You can get tea bags, of course, but a [...]

Ginger Turmeric Tea

Ginger tumeric tea, or what I like to call “sick tea” is a staple in my house in the winter. I call it that because it’s the perfect remedy when you’re sick. Fresh ginger and turmeric are steeped with some spices, honey, and lemon, with a dash of apple cider vinegar at the end to [...]

Salted Caramel Tea Blend

A salted caramel tea blend that you can make yourself at home? It’s possible, and delicious.   Making my own tea blends has become a hobby of mine. I drink a lot of tea, and good quality dried tea is expensive. After reading the ingredients on my favorite tea blends, I realized that a lot [...]