Iced Coffee Mornings

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The last few months have been busy for me. I’ve traveled a lot — mostly good, some not so much.
I’ve also been reflecting a lot. On my health. On the state of the country and world. And on what I want to do with myself and my life.
I normally start my day with coffee. Always hot. No sugar. But then I made this and have been drinking this almost every morning now. In a mug, because I can’t not have my morning coffee in a mug. But also it’s been a million degrees and I’m over it.


So June. It started with Covid for me and my husband but got much better. We took a two-week European vacation, which was the first big trip we’ve taken since 2019, and the first one that was just us in, I don’t know, forever. I won’t bore you with a lot of details, but we started in Budapest and ended in Berlin. In between, we went to Vienna — one of the best places I’ve been — Prague, and even a day trip to Slovakia,  where I had probably the only Budweiser I’ve ever had in my life. Because Grandma’s Slovakian Kitchen serves one kind of beer. And it’s Budweiser.
One of my favorite things from the trip was this awesome art exhibit. We stumbled upon it by accident, and it ended up being amazing. The artist does panoramas all over the world, so if you ever get a chance to see one, don’t hesitate.

Yadegar Asisis’ Berlin Wall panorama

There was also an amazing rooftop bar, a seriously good pistachio cruffin (I’m going to attempt to make these — stay tuned!), and a lot of history lessons.

Monkey Bar Berlin

Besides a horrendous trip home (seriously, if you’re flying overseas anytime soon, schedule looong layers and get Global Entry ) and luggage that came home one a week later, it was a pretty magical trip.
Besides traveling, here are some other things I’ve loved this month:

Hamilton tattoo

I got this tattoo recently (end of May) and it seems extra fitting right now.
I’ve had my Vitamix for years and it’s never let me down, but I’ve noticed recently that it was having some trouble, so I bought this pitcher, and my life has changed.
During a quick trip to Raleigh, we stopped here and had a twice-baked pecan croissant and an amazing grilled cheese on the best homemade bread.
A local brewery near me makes this strawberry basil beer, and it’s the perfect summer beer. Especially for late nights at a super cool rooftop bar.
Speaking of strawberries, the best strawberries I’ve ever had come from Rock Dove Farm. They’re small and deep red, sweet and juicy, and everything a strawberry should taste like.
And still speaking of strawberries — and summer fruit in general — the best way to eat them is to slice and sprinkle with a bit of Colima Sea Salt. This trick works on strawberries, peaches, watermelon, or any super sweet, in-season fruit you can get your hands on.
I love to read. Mostly mysteries and true crime. But the end of this month had me reading The Way Out by Alan Gordon.  I’ve had pain in my leg for the last year that my doctor and other’s have told me is sciatica. But it has not gone away. This book has (hopefully) given me some insight as to why. The jury’s still out as to whether this can help me, but I’ve done some of the exercises he mentions and feel some hope. So if you’ve got chronic pain, give this a shot!
Fave recipe from June that I’m still digging: Vanilla Honey Pistachio Butter. Perfect on toast and a delicious alternative to peanut or almond butter.
That’s June!

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