The Holidays are Here!

My November started with a quick trip to Louisville to do a bourbon run. We visited 15+ distilleries in three days and I had more old-fashioned than a person needs. It ended with the usual holiday rush, and shopping, gifts, and holiday treats. I like to give people gifts that are useful, but also exciting. [...]

chocolate mint smoothie

Mint Chocolate Smoothie

If you like smoothies, but get tired of the standard berry, banana, and yogurt mix, this chocolate mint smoothie is for you. Fresh mint is one of my favorite things. It’s bright and zippy, while also being refreshing. There are lots of ways to use it —I love using it in iced coffee, or one [...]

rose tea blend

Coconut Rose Tea Blend

I don’t drink a lot of tea in the summer. My summer nights are filled with back porch beers or happy hour margaritas outdoors. When it starts to get cold, however, that all changes. It’s not that I give up on cocktails. But I certainly don’t drink as many outside. Instead, on cold nights, I [...]

Fine Dining and Chilly Nights

I like eating in restaurants, but am not generally a fan of fine dining or place that are stuffy and pretentious. Mostly because I don’t think they are worth the money. For a variety of reasons, I ended up eating in four such restaurants in the last month. More than I’ve eaten at in the [...]

bruleed berry oats

Bruleed Berry Oats

Oatmeal is something I typically eat when the weather is cooler. There’s just something more comforting about a warm bowl of oatmeal than a ice cold smoothie in the morning. But oatmeal can get boring. We all know this. Brown sugar and cinnamon. Maple syrup and pecans. Bananas. Peanut butter. Any combination of these. They’re [...]

paleo birthday cake cookies

Paleo Birthday Cake Cookies

Paleo birthday cake cookies are the perfect birthday (or any day!) treat. In my quest to cut back on sugar, I’m on a mission to make the best low-sugar treats I can find. Sometimes that includes making them, as the case with these paleo birthday cake cookies. I want to make a disclaimer here before [...]

Goodbye Summer…Hello Fall!

After a long summer of travel (more on that in a minute), we are now entering my favorite time of year. It’s when you can wear sweatshirts again. When you don’t have to worry about sweating to death just to go to the grocery store. When the leaves change and days are breezy and nights [...]

birthday brownies

Birthday Brownies with No Whip Frosting

An easy brownie recipe with no whip frosting is always a hit. Boxed brownies are easy. But no-box brownies are almost as easy and infinitely better. I said what I said. These birthday brownies (I only call them that because it’s almost my birthday and they have sprinkles!) come together in one bowl. They taste [...]

one blueberry muffin

One Blueberry Muffin

Ever want just one blueberry muffin? You’re in the right place. If you bake a lot, you know the pain of trying not to eat everything yourself. I often give things away, but I also eat a lot more cookies, bread, and pie than a person reasonably should. It’s rough. So mug cakes and things [...]

Eiffel Tower Sunset

To France…And Beyond!

This past month has been busy, busy, busy. It’s mostly been spent planning for an upcoming trip to France and Germany. I went to Paris a few years ago for a quick stopover, but this time, were spending a good amount of time there, as well as going to Lyon, and ending with Oktoberfest (on [...]