Pumpkin Pie, Bourbon, and FALL

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This is my absolute favorite time of year. Even right now where it’s been almost 90 degrees for a few days in a row.

fall leaves
But the leaves are turning, the air is turning crisp, and my Dutch oven has been working overtime. My hoodies and sweaters are patiently waiting for constant cooler temps.
But let’s talk about summer for a minute shall we? My summer was busy, sweaty, and peppered with fun road trips.
Our summer travel started and ended in Philadelphia, where we saw the Liberty Bell, Lionel Richie, and the oldest penitentiary in the country, that once imprisoned a dog!
There was St. Louis where we had the best brunch — Boxwood by Niche. When you first walk in, it seems like a fancy plant store — and it is — but the brunch was amazing.
We made several trips to Detroit, and even though I didn’t get to visit Sister Pie, we did visit the home of the original Detroit pizza, which reminded me of these mini Detroit pies and how I need to make them again, stat.
Our fall started in Louisville on the bourbon trail. We started with Buffalo Trace, where we scored a bottle of Blantons. If you know bourbon, you know what I’m talking about.
I’ve already had my first (and second) pumpkin pie of the season, because, well, pie. And I look forward to many more.
Things I’m looking forward to in the next few months:
Pies: Pecan. Pumpkin. Citrus. I’m making and eating all the pies. I’ve even got a new pie plate to mark the occasion.
Hot chocolate on chilly nights. Maybe spiked with a bit of peanut butter whiskey.
Hoodies and sweaters and not sweating to death on mid-afternoon walks.
Travel planning. 2024 is going to be an epic year of travel for me and my husband. This year we cut back on big trips for a number of reasons, and we are definitely making it up next year.
Recipes I want to try:
Basque cheesecake. This burnished creamy cheesecake is my dream dessert.
Pumpkin spiced cinnamon rolls. Need I say more?
Fresh mozzarella, after failing at it, I’m determined to get it right.
Recipes I’m still loving:

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