Sunshine and Rainbows

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We’ve had a pretty mild winter. For the first time ever, we got no snow in February. We even had a few days in the mid 70’s.
So as March rolls in I’m glad to see sunny mornings. I drank my coffee on my back patio this morning.
February is not my favorite time of year, mostly because of the cold. That said, it wasn’t all bleak.
My sourdough bread journey continues. I’ve been trying my best to perfect a basic sourdough, but that doesn’t stop me from experimenting. My favorite so far was this loaf of cheddar jalapeño. Especially with a quick salted honey butter I made on the fly.
Next up, we took a cooking class that we had planned for a Christmas gift. There were six of us, and we made two pasta dishes. It was fun, informative, and a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you’re interested check out Sur La Table and see if they offer classes near you.
My favorite ice cream place came out with a Ted Lasso inspired ice cream “Biscuits with the Boss” If you know, you know. But I will tell you, it’s delicious, even if you don’t watch Ted Lasso (but you should!)
Also last month, I started a daily yoga practice, with the help of my Chirp Wheel.  I have had all kinds of back problems, and I’ve tried a lot of different things to relieve them. The Chirp Wheel is one of the best things I’ve tried.
In store for spring:
Getting our patio in order. Lights, for one. But also maybe a Solo Stove. We borrowed a friend’s last year and while pricey, I can certainly see the appeal.
Experimenting with sourdough. This book has tons of useful info and recipes that sound amazing. If you’re new to sourdough, check it out!
Trip planning. Our next big trip is to Australia, but there’s a lot riding on it. In the meantime, I can’t wait to travel again and also use my new tote bag. You can save $20 on Rothy’s here.
Recipes I’m still loving:

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