High Fiber Cereal Blend

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They say breakfast it the most important meal of the day. But it can also be the most frustrating if you’ve got to get out of the house in the morning, especially if you’ve got others to feed.
I’ve been making this for years now, and it’s one of my most reliable staples, although I’m not gonna lie — I usually eat this any time of day but breakfast.
This is less a recipe and more a way to inspire you to be creative in what you eat for breakfast because there are really no rules to make this wrong, and you can make it differently every single time if you want. The only rule that I have for this is that each component must be high in fiber, because the end result is something that is super filling and will give you almost half of your daily fiber requirement everyday. Ideally, you want cereal that has at least 6 grams of fiber, but I try tp pick ones on the higher end, usually 8-13. I also try to keep sugar low, especially for add-ins.
So what goes in it? Well, you can add the following:
  • Cereal — wheat biscuits (chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon!), bran flakes, rice puffs, Grape Nuts. Look at the natural brands or in the health food section of your grocery store for the best options and pick your faves
  • Fruit —freeze dried or just dried. I like freeze dried berries, especially strawberries, but raisins or cranberries work too
  • Coconut — toasted or untoasted, chips or flakes I like these because there’s no added sugar
  • Nuts — sliced almonds, toasted walnuts, really whatever you like
  • Seeds — chia or flax, but keep in mind these will thicken your liquid if you’re not a fast cereal eater
  • Bran flakes
  • Toasted oats
You can eat this a few ways. With milk like any other cereal, dry as a snack (although if you think you’ll eat it this way, go for bigger ingredients like biscuits over ground or tiny pieces.) I also will grab a handful and sprinkle over yogurt, fruit salad, or even oatmeal to add a little crunch and fiber.
The “recipe” below is for a pretty big batch, but if kept in an airtight container, it will last a good while. Feel free to make a smaller batch. Remember, you can’t mess this up.

High Fiber Cereal Blend

An easy blend of high fiber cereal that keeps you full, tastes great, and can be customized to whatever you like. Perfect for any time of day.
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  • 4 boxes high fiber cereal of your choice this is my newest favorite
  • 3 2- ounce bags freeze dried berries
  • 1 3- ounce bag coconut chips
  • 1 cup toasted sliced almonds
  • 1/2 cup ground flax seeds
  • 1/2 cup oat bran


  • Open/measure all of your ingredients before you start. Grab a 2 gallon freezer bag, as well as a storage container for your pantry (or just store in the freezer bag.)
  • Add a little bit of each item to the bag, close and shake and repeat until all items are gone. This is an important step so that your items are all really mixed.
  • Transfer to sealed container.
  • Serve with milk of choice (I like almond or coconut) or eat as a snack. When it starts to get low, refresh with either the same ingredients, or try something new!
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