To France…And Beyond!

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This past month has been busy, busy, busy.
It’s mostly been spent planning for an upcoming trip to France and Germany. I went to Paris a few years ago for a quick stopover, but this time, were spending a good amount of time there, as well as going to Lyon, and ending with Oktoberfest (on my birthday!)
Eiffel Tower Sunset
We’re going with ten people, so it will be a bit chaotic but should be tons of fun.
Other things I’ve done this month:
Bought a fancy lame. If you’re not familiar, a lame is for slashing a loaf of bread dough before baking. You can use a knife, which is what I’ve been doing for years, but a lame is much better. You can of course get a less fancy version.
Bought the right tools for making cakes from this book. I can’t pinpoint why I’ve been making these cakes without the right tools, but I have been, and it’s only okay. So my next big baking project is going to be a spectacular cake, and my goal is nothing less than perfection. Stay tuned!
Bought this digital scale.  If you don’t use a scale for baking, you’re missing out. It’s less messy and more precise, and you don’t end up with a bunch of dirty measuring cups to wash. This one also has a pull-out display so if you use a bowl larger than the scale, you can see the measurements.
Had the best hazy IPA ever. This is my perfect beer — so cloudy it’s indistinguishable from orange juice. It’s fruity and hazy without the bitter aftertaste that a lot of IPAs have. If you’ve never had a Hoof Hearted beer, go out and find some. You won’t be disappointed!
Hoof Hearted beer
Made this pie again for a cookout. It reminds me that you can make an amazing dessert that disappears fast but doesn’t take all day. A tiny bit of coarse salt brings takes it to another level. If you like lemon and are looking for an easy dessert, this is a no-brainer.
Been dreaming about fall. Right now we’re in the midst of those days where mornings are 60 degrees but 100% humidity. And are 90. It’s miserable, and cool days and colored leaves can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait to make all the thing pumpkin using my favorite pumpkin spice. FYI, this one is going away, so if you want some, get it here, and don’t wait!
fall leaves
Other recipes I’ve been loving this month: Magical Beet Smoothie, Curried Coconut Tomato Soup, Salad Bar Tuna Sandwich

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