perfect french toast

Double Toasted French Toast – The Perfect French Toast!

I’ve been working on the perfect French toast for a while now, and stumbled upon it by accident. To me, the perfect French toast is full of flavor — specifically cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla — thick, custardy, but not soggy. It’s a fine line I tell you. A week or so ago, I got some croissant bread [...]

Browned Butter Maple Vanilla Skillet Granola

I’ve made homemade vanilla granola plenty of times. But today, I made browned butter vanilla granola in a skillet. I eat yogurt with fruit and granola 2-3 times a week. It’s easy, it’s filling, and hits a lot of nutritional notes. So I almost always have a variety of things on hand to make this. [...]

blood orange chocolate buttermilk scones

Blood Orange Chocolate Buttermilk Scones

Years ago, I worked in a bakery that made the best chocolate buttermilk scones. They were tender and crunchy and craggy. The buttermilk gave them a tangy flavor that in my mind is better than heavy cream. And chocolate? Yes, please. In addition to chocolate, I’m a big fan of citrus flavors, so orange chocolate [...]

candy bar smoothie

Candy Bar Smoothie

Candy bar smoothie? Is that a thing? Well, yes. And also no. I did not actually put real candy bars in a smoothie. Of course that would be delicious. But it would also probably be more like a milkshake. Which I’m not against. Just not for breakfast. Well, I could definitely be talked into a [...]

Sesame Cherry Granola

I love cherry granola. On yogurt. On oatmeal (yes, sounds weird, but try it!) Or on its own. Sometimes I buy it. But sometimes I make it because I get flavor combos in my head that I can’t find at the store. Like this one. Tart cherries and toasty sesame seeds. Other than those, you [...]

Chai French Toast

I love French toast, but a lot can go wrong in the making of it. It can be too soggy, or not have enough flavor. My least favorite is when the batter is not mixed enough and you end up with something too eggy — blech. So I typically make it myself instead of ordering [...]

High Fiber Cereal Blend

They say breakfast it the most important meal of the day. But it can also be the most frustrating if you’ve got to get out of the house in the morning, especially if you’ve got others to feed. I’ve been making this for years now, and it’s one of my most reliable staples, although I’m [...]

Buttermilk Chocolate Pecan Pancakes

My breakfasts usually consist of smoothies or oatmeal, but occasionally I’ll make pancakes or waffles. Usually when I have overnight guests. The last time I made these fluffy buttermilk pancakes with the addition of dark chocolate chips and toasted pecans. And let me tell you, they were a big hit! These are golden brown, fluffy, [...]

Almond Cacao Nib Smoothie

I love the ease of smoothie. Throw a bunch of healthy stuff in a blender with some ice or frozen fruit, and 9 times out of 10, you have something filling and tasty. It’s a practical way to get a bunch of nutrients that you’re just not going to eat first thing in the morning. [...]